Monday, October 04, 2004

Patchwork Tie Dyed Silk Robe

For him and her, make your honeymoon a whirl of excitment with this silk patchwork robe. It's loose fitting for comfort and is available in sizes Large, Medium, or Small. Silks of many colors are patched together and then tie dyed. It's great for him as you can see above, but ladies it makes a beautiful beach cover up or looks wonderful over a black slip dress for a real sexy look. You won't take your eyes off each other.

Price $250

Call Cassandra Bromfield @ 212 502 5277

The wedding is over and you are now relaxing with the one you love. The obligatory night women giggle about and men thump their chest about, it's the Honeymoon night. This could be filled with passion or z's to the 10th power. What ever the case here are some ideas you may not have thought of.

Your wedding day will be all a blurr. Everything will have gone by so fast, so why not have a friend take some digital pictures that you can look at on your vacation. The perspective may be fun for you to see all the fun you had, even if you don't have total recall right after.

That meal that you planned so carefully, trust me, you will be saying "Did everyone eat?" and "What did it taste like?". Between the clanking of the glasses for a kiss and the constant congratulatory hugs, you will get 3 bites at the most. Here's my idea, have a romantic basket made with that beautiful meal you paid for. Complete this basket with dessert and beverages along with plates, silverware, glasses, and cloth napkins. This way you can really enjoy what everyone is talking about.

Many hotels have specials that include Champaign and strawberries or a complimentary breakfast for newlyweds, so be sure to ask when you make your reservations.

If you're not going on a honeymoon right away, these ideas work for home too. Just shut your phone off for a couple of days and enjoy each other. Have your favorite meals ready in the fridge to be nuked and use all that great stuff you got as gifts. Get the CD player loaded up with all your favorites. And of course don't forget that lucious robe. This will be the start of great things to come.

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