Friday, July 18, 2008

Walk That Aisle, Girl

In the olden' days of fashion shows, models would stride the runway to the cat calls "U Betta' Walk Girl!". Sashaying, posing, with confident strides in stiletto's, and never missing a beat.

Historic Films Stock Footage

Thanks to Naomi, we can still enjoy a little drama on the runway. Her sleek walk which is filled with personality has made her diva of the runway and say or think what you want about her personality disorder, she is still in demand!

Now you may never get the chance to be a supermodel running from show to show, but you do rule your walk down the aisle. Enjoy the attention watch the crowd rise up as you enter and Walk That Aisle, Girl, everybody is waiting just for you.

It's All About A Perfect Shoe
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Look then link:


VIDEO GUY said...


U will Love this!

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CTemp said...

our wedding planner jokingly told us that, for most women, when it comes to the details of their wedding, that the man standing next to them is only slightly more important that the color of the shoes he is wearing.

i hope she was kidding.


kenny said...

Nice shoes I love them!

Andrea said...

eeew those shoes suck, love the vintage photos though

Mary Lisa said...

Your marriage wedding planner should be decided.which type of shoes will be perfect for wedding.I think, bridal shoes generally match the outfit the bride wears.If the bride wears a costume of ivory or white color,the color of shoes is cream,paste or white.Traditionally the two most popular choices for wedding shoes.

Anonymous said...

That last pair of shoes are gorgeous and would have gone perfect with my RK couture gown! I was recently wed in a beautiful Romona Keveza couture gown and it made my day even more perfect! I feel inspired to share my success story because weddings are such an important day in a woman's life and finding the perfect dress can be so stressful. The way I came across my dress was on the Romona Keveza Collection facebook fan page. There is an album titled "real brides" where actual brides who have been wed in Romona Keveza gowns can send in their pics and have them posted. Looking through these pics I felt very inspired and the dresses were simply stunning so I knew immediately I HAD to have one for my wedding :) It was the easiest and most stress free decision surrounding my big day... and it fit/looked perfect even on my less than perfect figure!!! I strongly recommend Romona Keveza for any bride to be... xoxo


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