Saturday, July 19, 2008

A New York Experience

Brooklyn Bridge Photo by Hassan Kinley, this was an unbelievable shot because it was a very nice day on the bridge and there were tons of people walking and riding bikes across the bridge.

Provide a NY tour for your Out of Town guest and they may just see this:

The other day while waiting for the G train (Brooklyn/Queens crosstown local) and across the platform I saw 4 kids all sitting on their skate boards waiting for the train. As I fumbled for my camera my train came and I missed the shot! It seem like one of those shots you see years from now that says "Brooklyn Subway 2008". So now it is a memory. But in New York, you only have to wait a few minutes and something else will happen. I sat down and then my moment came. A man with a Parrot came by. I thought it was some sculpture but no it was a parrot, a real live parrot, talking, swalking, and ruffling his feathers. So my camera was fired up and I took the shot.

Of course you realize New York is filled with the best museums, food, culture and shopping. But what's not on that perfectly polished list passed out to tourist at Hotels? I recommend a treat for the out of towners to a personal tour. You can outline the desired stops for the group and give your guest something to really remember about this great city.

Contact Taste of Harlem who will show you the pulse of Manhattan (one of 5 boroughs of New York). It's unique style, fabulous food and extraordinary history makes Harlem must see on any out of towners list.

You may not see Parrot Man on the subway but New York has always got something going on.

Personal Tours Contact:


Jacquline Orange 212.866.7427


Anne said...

Oh, this Harlem tour sounds fabulous, what a great idea for out of town guests!

Nicole said...

on St. Patrick's Day I saw a man in midtown with a cat on a leash sitting happily on his head ... wtf almost rear ended a cab ... only in NYC. Do you have Twitter?

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

New York is a wacky town and yes I do Twitter.

bridal registry said...

Very beautiful picture!!


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