Monday, July 14, 2008

Handmade Just For You

Artist Shimoda and Laura center, clockwise upper left corner, ladder of indigo colored quilts, CAFE of delicious sangria and lemonade in Vintage serving jugs, Brownstone steps with potted plants, Shimoda's bracelet, Laura's wall hanging, more colorful quilts, a handful of pearls and beads necklace, backyard with 1 of 3 dogs napping, front stoop foliage greeting.

You may have missed this weekends "Cotton By The Sea" event, which was lovely. Laura Gadson (fiber artist) opened her home to lookie loos and collectors. Shimoda-Accessories provided the right balance with her beautiful use of pearls and semi precious stones. This Harlem brownstone which is home to 2 cats (the black one met me outside to sneak a few strokes) and 3 dogs, who all get along. Laura wouldn't have it any other way.

Quilts have a long history with weddings. They were specially created for young couples by family and friends and served as an opportunity to advise the bride as the quilting was done. Today we live different lives and sitting down with elders to create a quilt just does not happen as frequently as it did. However, you can order your own handmade quilt and begin your own legacy. Laura Gadson 212.694.0262

Below a few more handmade items I love:

Personalize soaps are a nice surprise in ladies and men's room. Your guest will be wondering "How did they do that?". Or give each guest their own clean heart as gifts. This is a favor that everyone can enjoy and use.

Not everyone wants to carry live flowers, another option is this crystal bouquet. It last forever and you don't have to worry about the bouquet wilting.

Ask about matching boutonnieres.

Cassandra Bromfield/Etsy Store

White silk charmuese patchwork scarf available in my Etsy Store


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