Monday, November 10, 2008

Separating Fact From Fiction

Tuesday November 4 2008, Election Day, was outstanding, to say the least. With a generation of voters who can remember the iniquities of this nation first hand, got to experience the impossible dream. From that day and moving forward my mantra is and forever will be "Yes I Can".

On Wednesday, I got a call "Congratulations, are in order, I understand you will be making Michelle Obama's Inaugural gown." What in the world is she talking about. I just shrugged it off as a wishful thinking. Then I check my emails and there are a few more congrats, what in the world is going on. So I did a bit of research and found that it is listed on a few blogs (as of Wednesday). "Cassandra Bromfield is tapped to create Michelle Obama's Inaugural Gown." As the week goes on there are a few more phone calls and emails. Now, some media is calling and I feel I must separate fact from fiction.

Fiction: Mrs.O has contacted Cassandra Bromfield
Fact: I would love to hear from Mrs. Obama, but I have not spoken to her directly

Fiction: Atlanta based designer Cassandra Bromfield

Fact: I'm a Brooklyn Girl

Fiction: I am sworn to any secrecy
Fact: There is no secret
Here is what is true:
  • I have designed gowns for the legendary actress Ruby Dee. Which includes her gown for The Screen Actors Guild win in 2007 for American Gangster, Oprah's Legends Ball, Screen Actors Guild honors Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee.

  • Tamara Tunie wears a two piece patchwork jacket and tulle skirt for her hosting duties at the Thurgood Marshall Front row Fashion Show.

  • I even have a Oscar moment which is pretty humorous.
More facts: I would love to design "This Historic Inaugural Gown" and would look forward to this opportunity with great pleasure. When the rumor began to snowball I became worried that this would be misunderstood as some publicity stunt that I created. The fact is I heard the news as all of you have heard it, through the Internet. Thank you for the well wishes, prayers, love, and advice keep it coming I truly appreciate it. I just wanted to stop the madness before it gets out of control.

Thank you
Cassandra Bromfield


sharon said...

Well done, Cassandra. I do hope that "Shellie O" comes to know of your beautiful work. It would be wonderful to see her come January in one of your magical creations.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Bromfield, thank you for setting things straight. I can't imagine how insane it has probably been for you!

Hopefully you can snag a few more clients out of the situation, although it is clear that you are more than busy already. You are a remarkable designer, and it would be simply awesome should you be selected to do the dress!

All our best wishes to you,

Lisa Michelle said...

WOW, that would be truly amazing. An honor and a blessing!


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