Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Cassandra Bromfield at the Oscars

Well sort of, year before last I had a red carpet moment. I talk about this now because as everyone knows Star Jones is Jumping the Broom. No jokes please, but she is gettin' hitched and it will be a Star Studded event.
So how do I figure into this Wedding of the Century, my client who went to the Oscars, will be at this November hullabaloo, wearing one of my creations.
Below is my Oscar letter I sent out to family and friends. I thought you would get a kick out of it too, even if it is two years old, enjoy.

Oscar Letter

A regular customer called me about two weeks ago and said she needed a blouse for the Oscars. Wow, I'm excited now. When I picked up the fabric I mentioned my moment in the sun to any one who will listen. I actually didn't know if it was going to the event or a party before or after, I just knew it was going to be in the suitcase. The blouse was made, and I found out it was going to be teamed up with an Oscar de la Renta skirt. She had actually rejected the top they made, in favor of my little blouse. So take that you big fat famous designer. I still needed some verification that my little blouse, and matching shawl would make an appearance at some Oscar event. She assured me it was going to be on the red carpet! I'm in, hanging with the big boys, Dior, Carolina, Oscar, and Cassandra. All I knew is she was going with a guy named Marty. And then, like a scud missile, my moment was gone. Your President went to war, there would be no splashy red carpet entrances, I was doomed. As I watched last night, I looked at the pre show with Joan Rivers and then the pre show on ABC. I kept looking for my little blouse accompanied by a guy name Marty. This could have been Marty Feldman for all I knew, the business is loaded with Marty's. During the show I kept looking in the background, balcony everywhere in the back. Then behind the director of Chicago my little blouse, I saw the ruffle of my blouse. WOW! My little blouse is a seat filler. It was so close in the front, Marty must be a seat filler guy! As the night goes on I pull for Chicago to win just to catch glimpse of my little blouse. Even in categories they are not in. Best Documentary, come on Chicago! Let's see that blouse again. Now it's the last few awards and there were a few surprises. Adrian won for Best Actor in the Pianist. Then Chicago did not get Best Director. Oh well, one last award Best Picture. MARTIN RICHARDS FOR CHICAGO, OH MY GOD, MARTY IS THE PRODUCER OF CHICAGO!!! SHE WENT WITH THE PRODUCER OF CHICAGO! MY LITTLE BLOUSE WILL BE AT EVERY PARTY!!!

I have to say it was a great moment. I had a lot of fun looking for my little blouse.
And who wore the little blouse you may ask? Not a famous person but a long standing customer that always challenges me.

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