Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Financial Wedding Shower

At the hieght of planning for your wedding, it can get a little scary. You will begin to ask yourself several questions.

  • Will there be enough money to pay all the vendors?

  • How much money will we get from our family and friends?

  • I wonder if he makes as much money as he says he does?

  • Why does she have so many shoes and can't she do her own nails.

  • Maybe we can serve jello instead of cake, why is it $10 a slice (as you sip your mocha chino latte grande whatever)

  • I wonder how much we will get if we do that dollar dance.

  • Why can't her mother pay for her own dress?

  • Why does the wedding have to be so big?

Pay the preacher, why do we have to pay the preacher. Isn't he serving God when he marries us. Can't God pay him, *#!?!!

These questions may wake you up at night accompanied by sweats and shakes. Financial concerns are a real threat to a happy marriage. It is the number one cause for divorce in this country.
On September 20th 2007 MetLife put couples on the right track at the Financial Wedding Shower. If you missed it here are some high lights and pictures of the event.

Robin Vetere and Dwight Raighford led the shower with a healthy discussion about money. Often there is a lack of communication. One spouse overspends, the other obsesses. No one is on the same page and each spouse begins to resent the other.

Some couples are on the same page and fill their life up with stuff. The problem is that stuff includes dept. Big screen TV's, fancy cars, living out of your price range is foolish. It also puts your integrity in jeopardy because you are living a lie.

Robin and Dwight go one on one with a couple

Ignorance is bliss, NOT. Work hard to put your finances on the right track. The Financial Wedding Shower was created so couples can ask the right questions of each other. Dwight says, people are more willing to talk about their sex life then their money. For what ever reason, money, how much you make, what you owe, and having dept, comes under the heading of
NUN YA (none of your business)

After the seminar the couples toasted with Champagne and cupcakes.
Margo Lewis of Cake Bliss makes a presentation to the attendees

W Dwight Raiford, Financial Services Representative Financial Planner

Robin Vetere,Financial Services Representative

Make an appointment with both of these financial experts today.

646 227 5003

Don't wait for the I Do's.

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