Sunday, October 21, 2007

Designer Cake Event Coverage

On a beautiful sunny day in Brooklyn, Heavenly Crumbs Cake Boutique ovens are turned on for a full day of tasting.

Shannon; owner of Heavenly Crumbs and master baker.

Shannon's crew is up early creaming, mixing, baking, only the best ingredients for her regular clients.

For our special event we combined a little wine (compliments of 231 Greene Liquors), a little design, and everything was fine.

Decor was created by Maximum Glory, Maxine Baxter 718-941-1627 Gloria Cones 718-377-1972.

I love how they arrived to the event. Maxine's Husband said "This is his weekend car". I said "I have one too, it's the same as the weekdays". These Stylish Divas can decorate your event and/or your home. Their ideas are unique, filled with creativity.

10 of our first guest received a little shopping bag of goodies.

Thank you to by nubar for our Merlot polish. It is a fabulous color for fall. Many brides go for the pastel, light colors, some of you out there want to be bold. Also read by nubar's blog, it's filled with beauty news you can use (I'm so clever).

Early arrivals get the goods

Business is brisk for Shannon and she has great support from many other business.

Monique Greenwood of Akwaaba Mansion.

Left to right Sherri Hobson-Green of Beauloni Style also a member of the Shop Bed Stuy Alliance. Anu Prestonia of Khamit Kinks.


Cassandra: Cupcakes galore! I just loved the Chocolate with Rasberry frosting. Of course all are really good. She has so many combinations you must come for a month to try each one.

Maxine and Gloria: This is a must, get your holiday order in now, hands down, the biscuits are fabulous! I got one warmed up after their glowing review and even Sherri said "You didn't even give me a piece". She put three away to take home (I wonder if it made it home?). When I told Maxine there was only one left, she leaped up out of her seat and disappeared into the shop. She got the last one for the day. Sunday I was back for 2 more. The cakes are great, wine is fine, but show up to your family gatherings with these biscuits. They won't stop raving about them.

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