Sunday, November 21, 2004

What is Afrocentric?

That’s a loaded question. For some that is easy to answer and for others it remains a mystery. Many may use the term Culturally Inspired, Ethnic Touches, African Centered, and more. I am sure these descriptions may or may not mean the same thing. I feel Afrocentric is the creative use of cultural and ethnic inspirations from Africa.

So what does Afrocentric look like, as it refers to fashion? The garment pictured here is Afrocentric but some may not see the connection. Not all garments need to be adorned with cowrie shells, I use buttons, sometimes. Mud cloth and Kente cloth are popular but they are not the only fabric to come from Africa. We all know that Africa is filled with diversity, creativity, and splendor. Let’s just dig deeper and find those precious gems.

For over a decade the wedding industry has seen the growth in the Ethnic and Cultural area. More often than not couples have added their cultural touches like Jumping the Broom and the Four Tastings to their ceremonies. Influences are now seen in invitations and accessories as well. A couple who wants to express themselves culturally can now easily find products and services that help them do just that.

An Afrocentric wedding dress for this company means many things. I look to not only cowrie shells and popular fabric, but I find the tattooing and face painting completely inspirational. The landscape and the jewelry give me ideas of shapes and textures. Even the hair braiding will move my mind to see rows of beads on a silk shantung strapless dress in beautiful colors. I try to take it all in.

Afrocentric is a very broad creative term and its’ meaning continues to be defined. The beauty of this great continent waits patiently for us to discover its’ gifts. Define it for yourself, then share that discovery with all.

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