Sunday, March 21, 2010

Be On Your Best Behavior

Thursday, March 11, I attended "Eat, Drink, and Be Married", at the Astor Center.  It was lovely.  Unlike many Bridal Expos and Wedding Events, their event highlight the space for a small chic weddings.  There were many cake vendors and the mixed drinks and wine flowed like water, which brings me to this... be on your best behavior.
These wedding events are a wonderful opportunity for people to taste touch and get a feel for the vendor.  After all they are handling the biggest day of your life.  For sure you will receive cards, papers, goodies, bags, and junk... I mean important marketing material.  [side bar: I was at a bridal show where a guest was in restroom unloading business cards and flyers into an overflowing garbage can]   Sometimes, is no escape from all this stuff but there can be money saving coupons in the mix.  Even if there is too much paper, nix the dumping, for when you get home.  It would not be good behavior to take a dum....oooh I mean dumping materials at the event.
Below some more Bridal Show Tips:
1. Make a list of what you are still looking for to plan your wedding.  That will narrow the search when you get inside.
2. Ask key questions that are important to you and your wedding needs.  Does the vendor respond looking you in the eye and answers you directly.  This will let you know how serious this vendor is about their services and a possible client.  At some point you should be invited to sign the mailing list and be sure to take their material. 
3. Wedding Expos are events created to serve as a meet and greet, yoooou, are who the vendor wants to meet.  So if you experience any snobbery, aloofness, and rude behavior, that is not the vendor for you.  
4. Presentation of the vendors space. Is it neat and to the point.? Is there a display book on hand with good clear photos?  If there is food to taste, is that kept clean and tasty looking?  Keeping with food are there napkins available? Does the vendor charge for a piece of cake, plate of food, etc.  I HATE THIS!!!!! It is tacky to do this at a bridal show.  A guest needs to sample items and if a vendor needs to sell a morsel of food at a bridal expo may need to recoup funds and may not be solvent [this to me is a warning sign. It may not apply to all vendors, they just may have a different way of doing business] I say keep it moving, this type of marketing doesn't work for me.
5. If you like that vendor put a star on their card or materials.  Some people divide the info into 2 bags, one keep, one discard.  Good idea as long as you don't mix the bags up.  This is where your groom and friends can come in handy, they can hold the discard bag.
6. Don't eat everything there is in sight.  This is hard to do since it's all laid out so lovely.  I saw guests at the "Eat, Drink, and Be Married" event, with plates overflowing of finger food.  When you do this food can fall off the plate and that isn't a good look either.  Take what you can handle and go back for more if you love it.  
7. Also don't drink everything either.  The recent event at the Astor Center served a lot of alcohol mixed drinks, that could easily sneak up on you and have you slurring your sentences along with walking pretty wabbly.  Not a good look.  Take it easy and taste, sip, let it go, you're not at the club.

Enjoy the season of bridal events, expos, tastings, for great information that will make your wedding spectacular.  Best behavior will merit you best the results.

Let me know what shows you loved and what you hated.


Quiana aka Haute Chocolate aka Mrs. B said...

great article!

synctactics said...

You kind of got me on the eating part. Usually I eat everything that looks good. Well I guess I’ll have to minimize eating a lot on my wedding day.
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Bridal registry said...

Thanks for the wedding etiquette advice. This is very important, thanks I’ll bear this in mind.

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

Thanks Quianna and Bridal Registry, for reading.
Synctactics, congrats and don't worry about eating too much on a wedding day you will be grabbed in so many directions that eating too much won't be a problem. Be sure and have something to eat at the start of the day.


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