Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kisha and Eric

I met Kisha almost 2 years earlier.  We discussed the wedding, the dress, the plans, movie making and more.  It was a great meeting, but then I didn't hear from her. I guessed she moved on to another designer.
Fast forward to My Fair Wedding, which I created African Print Shawls for Bernadette Davis's wedding.  Kisha was watching and called me.  She had reorganized, got clarity, and was planning a much more intimate wedding, with a lot of flair.  The shawls were perfect accessory for her bridal party and the  quintessential Afrocentric touch.  
What was more exciting about this wedding, is when they said I Do, they said I Don't Owe anyone.  It was so important that they didn't begin a new life in dept.  This wish came true Friday.

Below the NY Times Wedding Celebrations Interview:

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