Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Love This #3

Last year at the magazine launch of World Bride, in the gift bag was a tin, Bouteaque Tea. I was happy as a clam, because I do love tea and the flavor was the Rubious Raspberry Herbal Tisane. Oh my, was this a delicious tea. First of all, when I opened the can, the scent was intoxicating, sexy, and calming. I brewed my first cup and Oh My God, this was heaven. The tea is so flavorful, bold and yes sexy.
Then I was thinking, how fabulous this would be as favor gifts and this is how you can do it:
There are 6 flavors to choose from but I recommend choose one or two for your guest. Each 4 oz tin is $15.00, this is pretty expensive, but if you can afford this for all your guest, go for it.
* When buying in large quantity, make a deal.*

DIY this idea and it can be more affordable. Purchase the tins, which I found goo gobs so choices on line. Fill the tins up with loose tea. Then secure with a sticker and I think your guest will love it.

Below a few helpful links:

E Bottles.com

More Tins

Personalized Labels

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