Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saving On The I Do's

The average wedding will cost $14,000 + - $43,000, according to Cost Of These numbers can spin out of control if you let it. With smaller budgets you can create a fabulous event, with a bit more creativity and numbers crunching your wedding will be all you want it to be. Here are 10 tips to keep the champagne flowing and you don't have to toast to Champale (Um but it is cheaper):

1. Thursdays, Fridays, or Sundays (provided not a holiday weekend) receptions are cheaper than Saturdays
2. Reception sites have lower prices for slower times of year. This could be a real saving but be sure and find out why. You may not want to experience inclement weather, building maintenance and things that are less festive.
3. Brunch or Breakfast are less expensive than a sit down dinner. Also have a buffet can save you a bundle.
4. Keep it simple serve red or white wine only for your cocktail hour instead of a full bar.
5. Keep it even more simple serve a signature drink named after the both of you. Have the drink created with and without alcohol.
6. Bands cost waaaaaay more than DJ's.
7. Work with your designer and see if the same or similar dress can be created with a less expensive fabric.
8. Get a very simple dress and accessorize it with great jewelry. You are more likely to wear your jewelry again.

Strapless straight fitted and slight flair silk D0uppionni gown by Cassandra Bromfield $1000
Headpiece in photo by Beauloni Style Hair by Khamit Kinks. Choosing a gown that is a simple shape allows your style to shine. Here we used a simple necklace by Amaka for great drama by draping it across the body.

9. Bouquets can be expensive, carry a small family bible, favorite book of poetry or a single rose tied with beautiful ribbon. During the ceremony read your favorite passage.

10. Now, this is all the rage a short wedding dress. You must have seen, that all the bridal magazines and designers (including me) are sporting short looks as "gown" choices. A great money saver, because you can take it on the Honeymoon and show off those beautiful legs he fell in love with.

On sale at, and yet another way to save. Choose a sale gown and save BIG

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