Sunday, September 18, 2005

Using Adinkra Symbols For Your Wedding

Above Photo by Macintosh Smith

For Djanna and Nic's wedding,

Heavenly Crumbs created these

delicious cupcakes with an

edible cowrie shell and

the Adinkra Symbol, Bese Saka,

in gold. The symbol is nestled in the icing

of the cupcake.

They also used this symbol on their invitations

and in the program. This completed

their Afrocentric theme.


" sack of cola nuts"

Which is a symbol of

affluence, power, abundance,

plenty, togetherness and unity.

The cola nut played an important

role in the economic life of Ghana.

A widely-used cash crop,

it is closely associated with

affluence and abundance.

This symbol also represents the

role of agriculture and trade

in bringing peoples together.

Learn more about Adinkra Symbols

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