Sunday, August 28, 2005

Lush Life

It was the hottest day of the year and Abyssiniam Baptist Church was
in a flurry of activity. Friends and family were meeting and greeting vying for the best seat in the house. Joy, Love, and Happiness were in the air and we were all trying to get a piece of it.
Pastor Calvin Butts III, Jim Holden (the groom), and David Hill (the best man) enter, and I had just made it to my seat. Children, boys and girls, enter holding a single gerber daisy. Followed by Shannon's maid of honor, Paulette Hill ( yes she is married to the best man, they introduced the couple). Then Shannon escorted by her mother enter. She wore a Cassandra Bromfield, silk charmuese bias cut patchwork gown. With a crocheted doilie caplet attached with a pearl chain at the back. Her long locks were coiled tightly in a bun with a single flower on on side ( just a little bit like Billie). As she went down the aisle Xenobia whispered "You go girl"
The ceremony begins with a prayer, then special readings by important people in their life. They spoke about, time, love, the engagement, his and her personal journey, and then on their journey together. Each speaker it enlightened you on who this couple was.
I loved this part of the ceremony, the Pastor asked "Who gives this bride in marriage" and all of the men in her family stood up. You could see Shannon had love all around her.
The vows were exchanged. Jim's fingers were a little swollen from the heat, and pastor Butts gave sage advice, "I've seen this before, don't force, don't push it, just work with it and it will slide on easily."
After their kiss they then turned to the church and were announced
Mr. Jim Holden and Mrs. Shannon Deonn Ayers Holden. We all stood and applauded. Instead of leaving the church and then returning for pictures they stood and began taking their formal pictures with the music of Joy, Joy God's Great Joy, sung by Claudine Rucker accompanied by Jeff Bolding.
This is a couple who's hearts were open and ready for a Lush Life.

Below, just a few snap shots of the good times.

Family and friends poised for photographer Regina Flemming, who is seen here getting fanned by some guest.
(none of these photo's are hers take a better look on her website. Just click the name.)

We are family


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