Monday, January 19, 2009

Suit Up Man

It's no mystery that women have been enjoying the luxury of having their wedding gowns specially made for years. For most, this is a thrilling experience. She returns to the bridal shop for her couture fittings (even if it is a budget bridal shop) and has tea and crumpets amidst oohs, ahhs, and tears with all her friends.
The groom, on the other hand, rents his tux (who else has worn that suit) along with shoes and sometimes socks (eiwww!).
My Suit NY will create, a made to measure suit for the big day or any other day. Fabric choices are top notch and all traditional to fashion forward looks can be accommodated. In some cases only 2 weeks lead time is needed (what!). Prices begin at $495, which beats some off the rack prices. This is a perfect match, price, fit, and style, suit up man!
My Suit NY

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