Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Other Vegan Bride

Michael and Nacala
The Other Vegan Couple

As you all know I am following Lia Brooms, The Vegan Bride, through her planning process. However before Lia, there was Nacala The Other Vegan Bride. Beautiful and creative this bride was a cool calm breath of fresh air for all her fittings.
We decided on a one shoulder silk shantung gown.
Embellished at a high waist with a gold lace, beads and cowrie shells.

Two Photos Below by Cassandra Bromfield
A matching shawl that she wore draped around her head for the ceremony. The headpiece was designed by Beauloni Style. One of the symbols that was important to the couple was an Ankh. That was created on the front of the gown in Swarovski Crystals.

Nacala wasn't the stiletto shoe type and would have gone down the path barefoot. She found these at Aerosoles (these may no longer be available, the wedding was late spring 2008). They were perfect for her Afrocentric style. I joked with her that they seemed to replicate the Adinkra symbol, Besa Saka, sack of cola nuts, symbol of affluence, power, abundance, togetherness, and unity. She thought that was perfect.

This Photo By Cassandra Bromfield

The color was a light color of creme which matched perfectly with Michael's garment from Wilsdom Designs. They also made other family members attire.

The Wedding was early morning (about 8am) in Central Park on the northern side. Away from where they usually host weddings. Michael and Nacala wanted to begin the day with a sacred ceremony. It was fitting and symbolic. Atiba Wilson and Songhai Djeli were the drummers along with 3 dancers from the ministers recommendation, she is also a dance instructor.

I also asked Nacala:
Can you name some of the symbols and what they represented to you? Sankofa because we wanted to do a ceremony with traditional African (west) elements. If we were not stolen from Africa we would know exactly what to do for a wedding based on our tribe. It's important for us to celebrate where we come from and our roots. What a perfect way to start our union. Also we chose the Egyptian ankh because of its meaning for eternal life and the union of man woman and child. We want our love to be eternal, believe in eternal life, and definitely want children. Well said.

The reception was held at a favorite Brooklyn restaurant, The Red Bamboo, which is of course, is Vegan. So, what does a Vegan Couple cut, a Vegan Cake of course. Which has typical cake ingredients but there are dairy substitutions which are soy milk, soy margarine, and egg replacer. I am promised that the cake was delicious.

Red Bamboo Brooklyn
Vegetarian * Caribbean * Soul



After Glow:
So how is everything after the wedding. Nacala moved to California to join Micheal almost immediately following the BIG day. In an email she gave me her thoughts:

"It was just as we wanted it to be. I love the dress and I loved wearing it. Thank you so much, it was perfect.".
How are things going now months after the BIG day, was there anything you wish you did or anything you could have done without? "Things are good, never enough time together w/him being in chiropractic school. Wish we had gone on a honeymoon and had more time after before our cross country move and starting work/school immediately."

All the best to Michael and Nacala.
The Photos above (except where indicated by Cassandra Bromfield) are by Ed Marshall Photography

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Lisa Michelle said...

I heart her dress. Simple and so very elegant. A beautiful bride.


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