Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Vegan Bride

The bride above is my The Vegan Bride, Lia. She found me through an interenet search and began with an email I received in August 08:
I have been reviewing your website and am extremely interested in a Cassandra Bromfield gown for my
special day. We are currently planning our wedding for July 2009 in Barbados. I am looking for something fresh, sunny and funky with an Afrocentric twist. Rumor has it that Cassandra Bromfield is the place to go:)
Now I am really flattered and excited. The idea that I will be designing for a lovely spunky little Pre-K school teacher (my mother was a school teacher and I have a special fondness
for educators) was exciting and Lia is a creative thinker. Her g0wn would not be the "normal" kind of dress, it's "funky with an Afrocentric twist". In fact she attached a picture of her self (above) along with her sketches of her dress that as she says is "skillessly" created by herself, I think she did an excellent job.

Lia and I finally met after playing phone tag, she was quite patient. As she describes herself and her plans for the wedding, Lia points out she and her fiance', Makalani, are both Vegetarian and not the namby pamby kind, they are vegan. How is she going to eat cake? What is the menu like? How is this Caribbean beauty going to pick a wedding based on her strict dietary choices? I thought all these questions and more could be asked by so many more couples, so I will follow her on her journey bringing you all the great finds.
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Going Natural said...

She is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what she will look like.


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