Thursday, May 17, 2007

10 Things To Love About Planning Your Wedding

Your path to a perfect wedding can sometimes take a dangerous detour. Accusations of misguided loyalty, feelings of paranoia rise as you watch all that you have worked for spiral out of control. And that's just dinner with the in-laws.

First you've got to relax. Honor a beautiful union, not the perfect shade of lavender.
Your head may feel like exploding because the red roses are just a hue darker than the bridesmaids' dresses which now means EVERYTHING IS RUINED. Honestly, it's not a plot by your jealous single friend to hold you back. Murphy's Law is always working overtime. Keep your eyes on the prize and let no man put asunder. Plan your wedding and when some things don't go quite right, have a plan B and by stay grounded, relaxed and informed. No more temper tantrums.

1 through 10 the good stuff:

1. It's all about you: Well at least most of it is. If you are a closet narcissist, this is your time, and I mean the only time, this personality disorder will be tolerated.

2. Family and Friends: As you struggle to keep the guest list to a minimum, knowing all your peeps will be together for a celebration is something to look forward to.

3. Cash and Prizes: Let's face it you may not be in it for the money, but you do get great gifts. A Bridal Registry is a brides Wheel of Fortunes. Pick out your dream gifts and see what happens.

4. The Dress: This one garment that makes your heart go pitter patter like he does. This dress makes you feel good because you look good. It is so much fun to flutter around the dance floor and know that this is the most fabulous day of your life. Yes a dress brings you all that.

5. Bargains: Planning a wedding means being shocked by all the costs involved. This is probably one of the all time large expenses you will have next to buying a home. Couples have been blindsided by the cost of flowers to limos. So when you get a bargain, discount, or freebee, you'll want to shout it from the roof tops. 10% will be like music to your ears.

6. Hair and Makeup: Ah yes, back to it's all about you. All at the beauty treatments makes you feel like a million (I know it cost that too). Have a practice run with your stylist and take a picture so there are no mistakes on the actual day.

7. The Reception: Celebrate, Celebrate, and Dance to the Music. Everyone wants to get their Electric Slide on. Food, laughter, fun it's time to really have a good time and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Create a play list with your musicians or DJ. You don't want music to dance to while your guests are eating or low tempo sounds when you want everybody up on the floor. Put what music goes with what activity.

8. Ex- Boyfriends: How ya like me now. You see him. He's down on his luck, No doubt he doesn't have you in his life. Upon telling him you're getting married he, falls to his knees, crying uncontrollably. He should have never let you go. You were always a strong, positive, powerful woman. NOW WAKE UP! You've gotten that off your chest.

9. The Honeymoon: Taking time to settle down and relax. Warm breezes and hot nights. You just can't wait.

10. Husband and Wife: Should this be #1, maybe, but when you're planning, 1- 9 is all you think about. When that moment comes that you are pronounced husband and wife, 1-9 disappears. The both of you enter into this union and become two powerful individuals together. It's something to look forward to.

Planning a wedding is a stressful task, but there is lots of fun stuff along the way. Plan your life together, it makes the party last longer

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linsey said...

You are costs so much for a makeup artist!!! I am getting married in October and I just found
They have this thing called Beauty In a Box and I bought one for myself and each of my bridesmaid's as a gift. It's a take-home-makeup I can control how they look for MY wedding!!! I LOVE it. The boxes are super pretty and the products are amazing.


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