Friday, July 25, 2008

Wowie Wow Wow!

Kurilla Design

"So let me see the ring", that's what they say when you make the big announcement. Basically, they want to see how big is his wallet. I know you want to go "BAM!, he loves me this much!", but of course that's bad manners and you are satisfied with the "Wowie Wow Wow!"

These days choosing the ring is about the wallet. Recently on Platinum Weddings, Tanya (Tanya and Jonathan at the right) wore white and canary diamond jewelry valued at $120,000, now that's a Wowie Wow Wow!
Most couples don't live, work, or love in those numbers. I had a bride who had a really beautiful ring. Before I could say "What a beautiful ring!", she responded " Yeah, it's pretty and we are broke". Although this was a little humor of a sad fact. That beautiful ring can be a life saver in a financial rough patch, so choose wisely.

A custom ring from Kurilla Design will make you love looking at your hands all day. He not only creates beautiful engagement rings but the rest of his collections which include bracelets, earrings and money clips (how big is his wallet) for men and women. Make an appointment for your Wowee Wow Wow!, moment.

Kurilla Design

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