Saturday, May 22, 2010

Like Going To The Movies

I Love, Love, LOVE,  the Kwanzaa Brides (now the Kwanzaa wife) video by Michael Simons Video Production.   This is what you want a wedding video to look like, a movie.  I remember saying to Audrey I hope you get someone that will make your wedding look like a feature film.  Which she did, Michael Simons was all over the Palace that day, but I can honestly say he was not invasive at all.  We the guests enjoyed ourselves and you can see it in the joy in all the faces. Enjoy, be inspired, and get the best out of all the vendors that you higher.

Audrey & John chose this song for the video.  Enjoy!  Recorded in High Definition on the Canon 7D

Go ahead view it full screen you will love it.

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