Sunday, May 15, 2011

Surrounded By Love

I first met Jennifer and her fiance a few years back at a bridal expo in Brooklyn.  She writes the blog The African Bride and they came from Pennsylvania to seek out new and interesting vendors.  Even though the event wasn't so well attended I so appreciated her coming so far.  

We kept in touch via blogs and facebook posts.  Then the announcement came, she was getting married and they didn't want a lot of fuss and it was definitely going to be cultural.

For their (DIY) invitations, they used photos from their trip abroad.  Read more about the invitation creative process, Invitations And The Blues.

On one of their vacations in Ghana, they brought back two African print fabrics, which were to be used for her wedding dress.  I designed a jacket and strapless dress.  There was a flower design on the fabric that I cut out, beaded and made into hair ornaments.  This flower embellishment was used on the dress also.

Jennifer emailed me some photos which reveal that they were surrounded by love.

They were both self proclaimed geeks and I can only imagine they were texting their I Do's.

This is a couple that couldn't be more perfect for each other.

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