Sunday, November 06, 2011

To Be Like Vivian

A few years ago, a bride to be, mentioned what she thought her fiance's mother was "supposed" to do.   

BTB:"Shouldn't his mother, like welcome me to the family.  Call me and say something about.....?"
M: "Maybe she thinks the same thing about you?"  

In-Law relationships can be sticky, but when you are "like Vivian", it is a perfect union.  My mother an I were adopted by the Etheridges and had been going to many of the family gatherings for years.  Gerry, the family matriarch, always had an open heart and door.  So when Vivian married her son she became the 7th child.  Their relationship was a strong one, sharing Sunday dinners, annual BBQ's and holiday fair.  It was the perfect relationship from the beginning, to the day Gerry passed away in 2008.  This was made possible because both accepted each other, bumps and all.   

I am not a relationship expert, but like a bartender, hair dresser, or cab driver I have a unique point of view.  If the relationship is rocky, look at yourself, you may be the one rockin' the boat.  Your Monster-in.....sorry Mother-in law may be a bit difficult, but she created the love of your life.

Below and idea that can help smooth ruffled feathers.

Earth Works Journals

Eye of Horus Hand Bound Leather Journal

Begin at a place of love and acceptance.  Here is what another bride did who had a great bond with her mother-in law.  Make a gratitude journal of what you love about him/her, filled with pictures.  This is a gift she will cherish for years. 

Places of Love:

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