Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Youngest Edorsement

I love my bubble bath!

A young lady of 8 years old had come to the studio for her custom designed gold jacket. She was having her First Communion and the jacket would be the icing on a beautiful little cotton dress her mom bought off the rack. She was a busy little girl in the studio, there is alot to see and touch. After we had decided on the right style I remembered J. Blossom had sent some samples (full size) of their all natural bath and body products for girls. I was happy to have the perfect client for the all natural bubble bath. She was delighted.

The next week I see her again for the final fitting. Her younger sister and a best friend accompanied her (Mom too). As soon as she walked into the studio she said "I love my bubble bath and I used it all up!". Boy, I'm glad I had some Banana Smoothie Lotion. The size of the bottle was great, they could all share it. Little sister got to hold the lotion and held it pretty tight. J. Blossom has got a real hit, just survey the 8 year olds.


Fun Natural

Bath and Body Products

for Girls

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