Thursday, August 19, 2004

Colorful and Cultural Wedding Attire

When I created Hatshepsut's wedding gown I was delighted that she wanted color. Then when she began to reveal her plans, I realized the colors had a deeper meaning.
Hatshepsut Pakeman-Symester, "In Khemmit, yellow is the deity of Tehuti, sacred words. The collective colors I used were the colors of Oshun, sacred and divine beauty. (yellow, primary and then turquoise and coral)."
I enjoyed learning something new. Hatshepsut not only felt the importance of the color, we incorporated gold cowry shells, that she made, she is a Jewelry designer and she created her own accessories, as well as her husbands.
Culturally designed weddings can also be hip and chic. Hatshepsut was able to wear her dress on other occasions after the wedding. This is another reason why a colorful wedding gown can be a good investment.

Her Husbands attire was created by Raif

1 comment:

Jolie said...

i think color is wonderful for a bridal gown and plan on using rich beautiful colors for my own gown one day

this yellow is fab! i too am a jewelry designer and plan on adorning our feet for our wedding so that we will be bare foot!


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