Monday, April 18, 2005

No Cold Feet

There were no cold feet here, when Lorraine Elder and George Ratchford tied the knot. On January 28, 2005, it was 6 degrees and the wind chill factor was below...Well it doesn't matter, it was 6 degrees and that's cold! This did not deter these love birds from making it legal. They were determined to have a fabulous life, so they ditched the big wedding idea, bought a condo and did the I do's in Brooklyn's City Hall. This may not seem like the dream wedding of most, but the photographer, Anthony Ponds noted sometimes "Bigger the wedding, sooner the divorce." So for this couple they began on a stable platform.

George's double breasted suit was made for him from a cream color pinstripe tropical weight wool. Lorraine had Cassandra Bromfield design a two piece halter short dress with cowrie shells dangling at the neckline and the hip from a Mocado silk. I was so amazed she still wore the feather sandals which wrapped around her ankle and had a cowrie shell at the ends of each ribbon. They were chic, fabulous and in love. This made the day feel like it was Summertime in the City.

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