Friday, March 18, 2005

Cassandra Bromfield's Company in New Orleans

It’s a 24 hour town, just like New York, where you can get eggs, grits and sausage at 2am and dinner at 8am. This town never sleeps. I arrived in the Big Easy about 2pm Saturday March 12th.
My limousine (a white stretch, thank you very much) Bill’s Black Tie Limousine Service. We went straight to the Sheraton, where the models were waiting patiently to try on dresses. About Faces provided these native beauties, all perfect for my dresses. After the fittings, took a little rest, but before I did that, Lacy presented me with a beautiful assortment of pastries from Haydel’s Bakery. OH MY GOD!!! I could barely contain myself. The éclair was really out of the world. There were two other types of pastries that are typical to New Orleans. All I can say is DELICOUS!
Later on Lacy took me to Pampy’s for dinner. Now Chef Austin Leslie is named the “Godfather of fried chicken”. As much as I love fried chicken it didn’t make sense to me to be in New Orleans and not have Gumbo File. Still for my main course I chose the ribs, because as I looked around at the other customers plates I just saw bones. Yep, it must have been good, and it was. Chef Leslie sat with us for a while and even signed the table cloth for me to take home. I did feel real special.
The next day was the fashion show and I was up early. My cousin calls me and tells me to walk over to Café du Monde. Now it is about 9am and I figured a few early risers and I will have a café o le and a Beignets. Now why did I think that, Café du Monde is open 24 hours and there was a line around the block. Well that adventure was over.
It’s show time at the Sheraton and the models are ready. Tracey from About Faces interviewed me on stage as the models glided by. I will say I was nervous and even forgot to refresh the lipstick, so no comments when you see pictures. The make up for the models was done by Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, a New York born make-up artist. This lady knows her stuff. I really wish I could have gone by to see her shop, The Beauty Bar. Her work was on the money.
After the show I got some a little rest and then it was up for dinner with Dr. Nancy Brehm. Her company, Body as Garden, is an innovative weight loss program, which uses French and Eastern techniques. Lacy, Nancy and I discussed food and chowed down on some delicious fish. I had coconut shrimp as an appetizer and for my main cat fish covered with sweet potato over fresh spinach, yeah it was real good. We three even shared some pecan pie. I just wish I wasn’t so polite, there was just a little mouthful of pie left, Aghhhh.
The next day I had to leave and after I packed I had one more thing to do and that was ride a street car. I took it just three blocks and that was fun enough. It was pretty clean too, with wooden slat seats.
All in all, The Big Easy was a lot of fun and I must go back for a longer visit and a lot more money. Thank you Lacy so much for inviting me.

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Alex said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Showers and Parties can be so much fun out of town!




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