Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Got Thanked, And I Liked It

I recently received two thank you letters that made me feel real good. I wanted to share them with you:

I didn't like the dresses they were showing me because they weren't me but then I opened an old hair magazine to find a beautiful dress. I was shot down because I couldn't afford it and I was crushed, I tried to play it off. Did I do a good job? Then you and your gifted mind came up with my dream dress.


Cindy's dress was a patchwork
silk tie dyed skirt with lace
trim (a sample off the rack).
A slip was added for
to create the puff.
The top was a silk scarf (4 yards long)
she wrapped around her neck
criss crossed in front
and tied in the back. The corners
of the scarf were embellished
with beads, and crystals.
Girl when I walked out of my house people were calling other people over. The guys were whistling, kids ran over saying how nice I looked. When I got to the church, they pulled out a runner so the bottom of my dress wouldn't get dirty. There were people on each side as walked in the middle. Inside the church, there were so many people, I had no idea that many people were going to be there. They were whispering, nods of approval, beautiful, I never saw a wedding dress like that! People had cameras but they forgot to take pictures, they were so stunned. I wish you were there.
He was surprised, I had my back out for the first time and he loved me in the dress and he cried at the alter when I came in.
I have worn the dress for times for him , the wedding, then in the house 3 times
(smile, smile,smile)
Thank you for listening and hearing me.
The second letter came from the groom:
Thank you! A thousand times thank you! Words alone can't express the appreciation that my wife Jacqui and I feel for everything you did to make our wedding celebration truly special. When Jacqui introduced us, I knew you were the right person to design a wedding dress that would reflect her beauty, loveliness and unique style.
Since our wedding October 8th 2006, we continue to receive wonderful comments from our family and friend about Jacqui's dress. Though they've all attended many weddings over the years, your handiwork made Jacqui truly stand out from other brides. I myself often think about the moment saw her enter the ballroom to walk down the isle and I still have to catch my breath because she looked so beautiful.

Jacqui's dress was a halter style with an

empire waist. A silk chiffon is over a silk satin

the waist is embellished with gold beads and crystals.

The center V has a gold lace piece and there is a

touch of purple (Jacqui's favorite color).

The dress has a long train that can be bustled for her reception.


However, people will never really know the more important role you played as counselor and spiritual advisor to my wife. At times the wedding planning process was quite stressful, but you were a calming influence in a hectic sea. You listened at the right times and spoke encouraging words when they were most needed. Your gentile voice is reminded Jacqui and me that our wedding day was about us and our coming together as Husband and Wife. For proving to be such a great friend, you have our eternal gratitude.


Senoir Director, Human Resources

MTV Networks

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