Thursday, December 27, 2007

More Beautiful Weddings

I have shared with you my One True Media Beautiful Weddings video. It is fast easy and anyone can do it.

Well I've made another one, HELP ME SPIELBERG! View it below.
My goal is to show you the diverse clients. Some are traditional, they love beautiful fabrics, excellent fit and crystals added for sparkle. Others want to express themselves through color, short and untraditional fabrics like denim. Although they are far apart in style they share a common goal and that is to be fabulous on their special day.

Classic Strapless in White with Alencon lace bodice over Silk Satin Faced Organza. Embellished with crystals and has a detachable train.

Gold patchwork fitted one shoulder Silk Taffeta. Gold accents including feathers and shells.

White Denim Jacket and Strapless Dress with Crystal accents

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