Monday, May 26, 2008

13 Children and Still Happy

This weekend was the kind that families gather up their appetites and memories. And you begin meeting everyone before the big day. Take mental notes of who everyone is. The uncle who is a grabs too much, the cousin that's a secretary or a stripper (she likes her spandex), a nephew who is bound for a career in crime, and then his saint of a mother, who always makes a remark that makes you think "Wait a minute, I think I've been insulted".
But not all gatherings are filled with a cast ready for the carnival. This weekend I met a couple with 13 kids. YES, I SAID 13, no steps, no adoptions, one set of twins. She's even proud to say she is a grandmother (NO SHE DIDN'T LOOK LIKE A GRANDMOTHER!). It was remarkable, there wasn't any wear and tear on her body or spirit. She is beautiful, enthusiastic, passionate, and even after 13 kids (which she home schooled 6), she is still happy.
We all asked how, why, what the hell!?
Her answer "I guess am madly in love with my Husband"

Stay madly in love it is the best beauty treatment you cannot buy!

PS: I apologize for not having any pictures of this women, I was in shock I couldn't reach for the camera.

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