Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just My Cup Of Tea

Jazzabon Creations

Last Saturday was Dance Africa's Annual Festival (now in it's 31'st year) of events which included Dance (Duh), Music, and the long awaited Craft Festival. For me it was like a family reunion. Meeting up with old friends and new vendors. One of the great finds was Jazzabon Creations. A friend had pulled me over to see these beautiful teapots, bowls, and serving platters and more. These unusual shapes were accented by vibrant colors, Afrocentric images and designs.

Joyce Lomax is based in Atlanta Ga., but she and her artwork is a must see at art shows around the country. Read more about Art by Joyce

When creating your gift registry be sure to add any one of Jazzabons fabulous pieces to the list. My friend purchased an over sized cup (not pictured) for her morning cereal. That's the best way to enjoy these incredible pieces, use them everyday and everyday is extraordinary.

Jazzabon Creations

If you like more unusal ceramics please read my blog Let's Dish

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