Friday, May 23, 2008

Dancing Your Way In Shape

Dress by Cassandra Bromfield

Photo by Meredith Andrews

It's just about crunch time and you've got to get moving, litterally. Every bride vows to loose at least 20 pounds. And many of you are resorting to some extraordinary tactics, like diet pills, starvation, and even buying dresses a size smaller ( read more from Susan Lang's article).

These unhealthy methods are not effective and are even dangerous. Why not make weight lose fun and dance your self into a new size and a beautiful new you.

Below are a few classes great for the mind, body, and spirit. Best of all they are cheap cheap cheap.

(These classes are here in NY, if know of any in any other areas around the country let me know

Great News! Dance Into Your Destiny is having a dance session next week.

We are going to do some relaxation techniques followed by a warm-up and dance combination. Get your spot now.

Pearl Studios
500 8th Avenue, 4th floor
between 35th and 36th Streets
New York City
from 1-2 pm
Saturday, May 31st
Just $15

See Verona - The Dance Specialist in action

June 1st

Verona's dance workshop at Alvin Ailey.
Alvin Ailey
409 West 55th Street
corner of 9th Avenue
New York City
on June 1st at 5pm
Just $5

Nubian Moon Daughters

Wednesdays from 6:00p.m. - 7:30 pm

($12 per class)

Mark Morris Dance Theater

3 Lafayette Ave across the street from BAM

Brooklyn NY

It's a lot of fun, not too hard, and the teacher is excellent and a delight. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. There's no dress code, some people even had on work clothes. Please consider coming and pass the word on. It's loads of fun.

Check out the link below.

Nubian Moon Daughters

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