Friday, June 06, 2008

Look Ma, I'm On TV!

There are TONS of reality wedding shows on TV these days. From Bridezilla to Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? the list is pretty long. For those couples with just a little bit of the narcissist bug fill in the blank screen and enjoy the ride.

I wanted to see what other type of wedding shows are in the works and found something I must tell you all fabulously chic couples planning the big day. And I found:

So if you see no problem with toasting with Grandpa's basement mash. Or instead of a hand rolled cigars, the party favors are single cigarettes with one match. And you've got to love the matching gold teeth caps with engraved initials. This is the reality show for you.
Pink Sneakers Productions
Phone: 407-464-2080
Fax: 407-464-2081
My Big Redneck Wedding Season 2

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