Sunday, June 08, 2008

STOP! And Smell The Roses

It's another scorcher here in New York City. With the thermostat tipping over 90 for the next few days, "We'll Be Havin' A Heatwave." Hot days does not make for a lot of shimmying to the beat of a conga drum, especially when you have one week to go for the big day.
A bride came in for her pickup (wedding next Saturday) and she was tired. As in every big event there are just some last details that she had to take care of. And like many brides, she can't wait for it to be OVER!
Planning a wedding can take you there. Restrained by a budget that rose no matter how well you bargained, stressed with work, annoyed with family and friends who are unsupported (they won't do what you want), and the anxiety of a centuries old ritual of Getting Married. It's a big life changing move.
So in this last week of follow ups there is always a list. As an organized bride, you go down the list and check off, delegate, and then micro manage (because no one will do it right anyway).
Good God let go and let the wedding happen in all it's glorious good, bad, and hysterically funny. You just may have a winner for America's Funniest Videos.

Let's go over that list just one more time and smile you will love your day!

Remind rehearsal dinner guests of time / location. You could delegate this chore. Just show up Fabulously happy.

Start honeymoon packing/shopping. Packing yes, each piece in the suitcase just be reminded of the amazing fun you will have. Shopping no, if you have any money left save it for the trip. There's bound to be a little trinket you just gotta have, why waste $ on another T shirt dress. Also read: Your Passport Please

Wrap groom's & attendants' gifts. WRAP! PLEASE, who has time. Put the gifts in pretty shopping bags, the end. Paper Presentation, That's A Wrap

Check wedding announcements, ready to mail day after wedding. Whaaaat! listen if you are of this ilk, you've got secretaries, assistants and whatever, your married, who ever needs to know was at the wedding!

Bridesmaids' luncheon. If you got it like this, that's nice, but for the rest of us mere mortals, invite the girls over, get a bucket of something, some bottles of something else and have a good ole laugh fest of times past. Good times are always chic.

Schedule rehearsal for 1 - 2 days prior to wedding. You may have to coordinate schedules, call back and forth to get everyone on the same page. Then call to confirm the agreed upon time day. Whatever, it's a walk down the aisle, if they don't rehearse, do you think they will run, skip, do the boogaloo (I've just aged myself), in a mad fit of gyrations? Guest will become so confused they will begin to do the electric slide, why, because Jonathan missed the rehearsal. Scheduled, if you can, relax everyone will get down the aisle in the right order and on time.

Remind wedding party of exact time & place. Um, ok, maybe they forgot.

Go over final details of ceremony & reception with all parties involved. This you have to do. All the important details, which includes a time line, names of important parties, vendor check list. All details that you have planned for months in advanced should checked and rechecked. Be sure deposits and payments that are required are taken care of (or I will see you on The Peoples Court). This is the one task to take seriously.

Assign small jobs to family/friends. (pick up guest book, cameras etc.) Little jobs that could have big results if missed. I made a wedding dress took pictures for my own portfolio and the brides photographer didn't have film. She used some of my pictures for her album. Even in this digital photo era, something could happen, have a back up and then don't worry. You will get married and like all the rest of the Bridezilla's, you will be saying "It was perfect".

PS: love to blog more today but I'm going out to smell the roses!

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