Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bon Appetit!?

We can all laugh at this one! But with the rising cost of the reception, White Castle, KFC, and any other fast food joint seems like a good idea. At least they have special value meals. Where ever you are in your planning, you will realize the reception will be the biggest bill check out Cost Of for an average in your area.

The above picture was captured from Newark, NJ, but 3 couples in Ohio did marry at White Castle.

Photo from

On Valentines Day 2008, 3 couples tie the knot or should I say Slyde into matrimony. It's what they craved (White Castle's Slogan). The ceremony included groomsmen with Employee name tags (good savings for boutonnieres) and the flower girl threw salt and pepper packets. The whole event was captured on a local radio show, who paid for the flowers and other arrangements. Read More

Photo from My Hero Of The Day

Could this be the next wedding trend? Fast Food Reception Halls Ummmm, I wonder.

Bon Appetit

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