Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photo Shop

I love looking at old photo's. It doesn't really matter if I know the people or not. When a great photographer has captured a moment that makes me say WOW. It is the kind of photo that can make you hear the voices and music, there is a momentum that can fill one still photo.
There are wedding photo's where everyone stands still and smiles. The photo is perfectly staged Yawnnnnnnnn. Then there are wedding photo's so beautiful. The photographer has captured a very special moment. The tear on a mom's face, the look on the grooms face when he sees his bride, or a photo of the special details you worked so hard on. The photographer who's eyes are open and the lens are always pointed in the right direction. Memories of the event will be captured forever.
This is why I am going to post a WOW photographer. I have found many across the web and so why not spread the good news. So keep checking the posts titled Photo Shop, with a WOW photographer I hope you will love too.

PS: Also look in the section for Wedding Photography and Engagement Photos.

1 comment:

Lisa Michelle said...

I love it! A "still" photo can say a word or two, but one that catches a moment can tells of a thousand words!


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