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Bridal Plasty

Bridal Plasty
I bet you thought Bridezilla was as low as Reality TV could go and then the bottom dropped.  When I heard about Bridal Plasty, I was more appalled than intrigued.  Brides-to-be compete in challenges to earn plastic-surgery procedures in a quest to win their ultimate dream wedding.  Whaaaaaaaaaaat!!! this sounds as absurd as The Swan, an ugly duckling goes through major plastic surgery to compete in a beauty pageant (umm...isn't that the beauty pageant industry?).  That show was a new low for 2004-2005.

Then I realized my nose was getting too far out of joint.  There are lots of procedures that women will go through to better themselves for the big day.  Some procedures are a simple doctors visit and require no anesthesia.  

Photo from Live Strong

Botox: It's not what you think.  Some women suffer severe sweating issues and Botox can control the symtoms by blocking the chemical signals from nerves that stimulate sweat glands.  Read more here.

Photo From Family Dental Associates
Dental: I was at a wedding and the guy who caught the garter looked like Jack-O-lantern.  Ok this is a big dental procedure, but many women will have their teeth whitened  (a diy take home type or dental office visit) or  have their smiles improved by straightning the teeth. 

From the blog: There Won't Be Any Doves
Weight Loss: I think every bride has said this to me, they are working out to tighten this, that, or what ever.  One bride didn't want me to measure her until she had lost 30lbs.  She stopped eating rice and bread.  She was successful in loosing the lbs and looked great on her wedding day.  
Another bride I had did go under the knife for liposuction.  Although this was severe, she had the figure she wanted on her special day. It's not for everyone but it was a good option for her.

Photo from Beauty and The Bath

Lasik: If you wear glasses all the time, there are few photos of beautiful brides with glasses in the bridal magazines.  They want their wedding day photo's to be perfect (read more about The Lasik Procedure).  This procedure will last several years and can be life changing for eye glass wearers.

Contact Lens:  Lasik's isn't for everyone, but for those who don't want photos with squinting will opt for Disposable Contact Lens.   A non permanent solution those pesky specs.
Silicone Breasts: In the fashion industry we call them chicken cutlets, because that's what they feel like.  When brides want to look more boob-a-licious, without the surgery this accessories can enhance a wedding look perfectly.

Bridal Plasty sounded crazy at first but after thinking about it brides go through some level of augmentation.  Just remember he fell in love with YOU, and loves you just the way you are.

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