Sunday, March 22, 2009

Couture vs Haute Couture

Couture and Haute Couture have been tossed around like beach balls. Companies have used it as a marketing tool to make the customer feel "special". Describing denim jeans, cakes, paint and other stuff that has nothing to do with clothing.

Couture actually means to manufacture and create clothing for clients specifications, measurements, in beautiful fabrics. The origins of the word is 1920 French for dress making, sewing.

Then there is Haute Couture, the high art of dress making. Garments are perfected usually all by hand. Pleats, beading, ruffles, on gowns, suits, coats made in the most beautiful fabrics. Some material woven just for one garment. It can cost as much as a small country. The world of Haute Couture is fading fast. Don't get me wrong there will always be beautiful gowns but the Haute Couture customer does not exist in the numbers to support the industry. It will no longer be in demand. Evolution is inevitable and what the next generation brings to fashi
on is how we grow.

Which brings me to Valentino: The Last Emperor. This documentary is extraordinary. Outlining his remarkable career and lifestyle. What I love about this designer is he takes no shorts, makes no excuses, and loves what he loves. Choices, are key to living a life of excellence. I found the movie inspiring, funny, thoughtful and unforgettable.

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