Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shhh, I've Got A Secret

M&S Schmalberg

I am going to tell you something and you've got to promise to tell everyone.

"Sex In The City" is a hit and every fashion move those ladies made on screen, has been dissected by stylist, editors, and fans everywhere off screen. One of the most "fab" ideas is the Big silk flower accessory. Of course Carrie's over the top, larger than life, copy me if you dare, look is fun.

Want the look Here's the who, what, where:
M&S Schmalberg is the best kept secret. For over 90 years they have been serving the fashion industry. Clients include Me! (Cassandra Bromfield), Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera and of course Sex In The City (Press). They will create flowers from your goods (industry talk for fabric) or choose from the garden of samples, all ready for purchase. These floral accessories are perfect for any wedding or bridesmaids gown. The blossoms give it the right amount of OOOH.
Below a silk charmuese bridesmaids dress that was topped off perfectly with a silk chiffon flower pin. The pin can even be worn at the shoulder as a corsage (a la Carrie) or it can be made with a hair clip for the hair (I also saw shoe clips in the showroom, hmmmm, yummy)

M&S has a fast turn-a-round, this flower was done in 24 hrs (depending on the workload), and it's done with a smile. My flowers have always turned out perfect, just like a garden.

M&S Schmalberg
242 West 36th Street
7th Floor
NY, NY 10018

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