Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh No He Didn't!

Ever put your toast in the toaster and expect a nice golden brown hot slice of bread that you can spread your butter on? Then it pops out and it's either too light or burned to a crisp, wrong. Well that's like a wedding toast, you expect the something warm, loving, and maybe a bit gooey, but what you get is....

"When the father of the bride was giving his speech, the bride's in-laws were all chatting and laughing. The mother of the bride had had way too much to drink, got a hold of the microphone, and told off the groom's entire family, saying they were all going to hell! She then turned to the groom and told him that she hoped they would divorce soon because he's the worst human being she'd ever met. The couple is still married almost 20 years later, but they do not celebrate their anniversary."
-- Jennie, Pittsburgh, PA

Well they did get their revenge by living well and long.

Photo Source: Leaf-Switch-Word
Guest Quote Source: Wedding Guests Behaving Badly

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