Sunday, October 02, 2005

Care For Your Wedding Gown

How would gowns like this one below be preserved? Very carefully of course. Traditional gowns have their challenges, now that cultural style gowns are popular, they need special care too. Before leaving the establishment where your gown is purchased ask how the dress should be cared for.
When you do go to the cleaners be wary of the “hermetically sealed box” sale. The cleaner tells you the gown is to be preserved in a box and is sealed so the air will not ruin it. Unfortunately many unscrupulous cleaners just box the dresses so you can see the front of it through the plastic window. You don’t see the stains that have not been removed. The stains will oxidize over the years and become more difficult to remove. Here are some more tips to care for your wedding dress:

Do not keep dress stored in plastic this may yellow fabric from the gases that are released by the plastic. Better to keep it in a cotton muslin bag.

Grass, mud, wine, alcohol, etc are hard stains to remove be realistic about what the cleaners can do.

There are special boxes for wedding dresses that are acid free, of archival quality and the same with tissue paper.

For More tips on care visit National Cleaners Association and Kent State University Museum.
Purchase the acid free paper and boxes at The Container Store.

This Gown by Cassandra Bromfield has been donated to the Museum of the City of New York.

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