Tuesday, October 11, 2005

An Afrocentric Gown

Interests in African inspired gowns have been growing since Harriette Coles’ book “Jumping The Broom” came out in the early 90’s. It helped couples plan an Afrocentric style wedding. This included food, décor, customs, and of course the dress.
In any culture the garment the bride wears always the center of so much attention. Whether the fabric is specially woven for her from birth or hand made at the time of the engagement announcement, it is her red carpet moment. This is the moment that must be perfect. When the bride is first seen by her groom, she wants his eyes to light up.
So how do women pick the perfect dress? Very carefully, the consideration of personal style, dreamy fantasies created from youth, budget, and the opinions of adoring friends and relatives.
So the search is daunting to say the least.
Today’s African American women are now incorporating culture into their gowns with ease. Culturally and ethnically inspired dresses are now a big part of the wedding industry. White fluffy confections are replaced with gold gowns with gold embroidery. Pearls will embellish gowns along with cowrie shells. Adinkra, ankhs, and other symbols are embroidered, beaded or painted onto beautiful silks. Colorful choices like tie dyed silks, African prints and embroidered fabrics are all apart of the mix.
Here in America there is much to discover about Africa. All of its beauty is yet to be revealed. African American women can choose gowns that celebrate their heritage and create their own personal style. There will always be a great deal of inspiration to look for in Africa.

Afrocentric Wedding Books

Jumping the Broom by Harriette Cole
The Afrocentric Bride by Therez Fleetwood
Going to the Chapel by the editors of Signature Bride
Nubian Wedding Book by Ingrid Sturgis

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