Thursday, August 14, 2008

Say What!

Quite a number of summers ago, I was addicted to the Dove ice cream bar. They were fat, covered in Dark Chocolate, and the vanilla ice cream was so delicious. I am not a real big sweet eater and this cool confection had the just the right flavoring. Summer was perfect with a Dove Bar in hand.

So I am not surprised that Dove has come up with the Wedding favor. My Dove Chocolate, is a great way to treat your guest sweet and say something even sweeter. You can write up to 51 characters with messages like:

I love you
Mr. and Mrs Smith
Thank you for sharing our day
Chock Full Love
Love That Chocolate Man/Woman
Weeze Married!

My Dove Chocolate

Dove Chocolate Candies: 800.551.0704

Customer Service: 800.261.6323

1 comment:

Jennifer MIller said...

I saw your blog and noticed your love for Dove Chocolate. Did you know that dove has another line of products that you can only get from a dove Chocolatier as myself? If not go to and see for yourself. YOU WILL LOVE AND BE SURPRISED! EVERYTHING ordered from the Dove gets shipped directly to you. Share the news! ENJOY!


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