Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Burger, Fries, and I Do

It is official, fast food weddings and reception are about to become the norm. While I was searching for another hot topic I heard of, I found that a couple had ordered up burger, fries, and I Do's. Many of you readers will recall my post "Bon Appetit!?", where a couple married at White Castle.
Now you may consider this tacky but McDonald's coffee has been rated better than Starbucks. There are many choices too, fish, chicken, salads, and the Angus burger ain't bad. Most catering spots you'll have to shell out $90+ per person. At McD's, $10 per person is the most you will spend. And of course it's service with a smile.

Here are a few more couples that thought those fries were too hard to resist.

A Wedding Breakfast At McDonalds June 28th 2008

Couples McDonalds Wedding Reception 2002

Russian Couple Gets a Snack

Ohio Couple Get Married Under Golden Arches

Now I think I want a hamburger.

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Victoria Mische said...

This could one of the most unique and extraordinary wedding I've seen far this week. It was so cute yet romantic!

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