Thursday, March 05, 2009

Beanin' Good

I know, I know real clever title, could be the COFFEE. That brings me to this, did you know that Starbucks has a literacy program. With each Latte Mocha Smatta Calatta, you are making a contribution to make it possible for everyone to sit in a cafe (Starbucks or any other) and read. You could easily give Starbucks gift certificates as wedding favors.

Starbucks, is not the only company with a conscience. Coffee (above) is righting a wrong. Farmers earn less than 4 cents a pound (WHAT!) they pick by hand. Coffee Kids creates partnerships with local organizations. The partners provide technical resources, training, and follow through to communities to implement grass-roots projects. Read more about Coffee Kids and how they are helping. Here's how you can help too.

Make favor gifts of coffee from a participating coffee vendors or make a donation to Coffee Kids in lieu of wedding favors. It will feel real good when you are beanin' good.

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