Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Vegan Bride: The Dress

My first meeting with Lia, to talk about "the dress" was delightful. She is fun, creative, and has a great fashion sense. For her Barbados nuptials, she need something light airy and fabulous. Lia loves the silk organza's which, have a bit of just the right combination of fluff and flow. When she contacted me she even submitted some a beautiful sketch (seen above). Her dress will definitely have color and some tie dying. We have settled on a beautiful dress that fits her style and because I don't know if her fiance will be checking in online, all I can say is her dress will look kind of, similar, not exactly, but a little, like the sketch above.
After Lia left her appointment I did a little research on Vegan fabrics. Although hemp and cottons are popular among the Vegan community she was OK Fine and dandy with her fabric choices.
Lia's first fitting appointment coming up.

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Lisa Michelle said...

Beautiful! Great work as always. Just wanted to let you know that our newsletter is live and one of your creations is on the cover page with a link to your site. Visit my blog, click on the flipping icon and subscribe!

Thanks Cassandra!


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