Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Temper Tantrum Make up Gift

Sandal World

Bridesmaids are the fabulous friends who have entertained your every wedding whim. The frustrations with the groom, his mother, your mother, and even your special tirades only reserved for your BFF's. But the biggest sacrifice is the one on their pocket book when the wedding is in some far away beautiful place in the world that requires them to buy a plane ticket, pay for a hotel room, get their hair and nails done (ok they would do this anyway), wear a dress (of your dreams), and smile pretty every step of the way.

Reward these heroins of our society with more than a heart felt thank you. Monogram Sandals available at Sandal World are the perfect gift. The Jack Rogers Sandal is available in 12 colors and 2 styles.

It may be just a small step towards healing after all those....break downs.

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