Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Kwanzaa Bride's Chronicles

In my business there is a lot of creativity which draws in so many special people. Making a dress is just a small part of the bigger picture. I don't take it lightly that this garment is a major component in the wedding. Which is why I bring you the wonderful stories my brides share with me.
I received an email from a bride who has signed her email from The Kwanzaa Bride. Audrey Davis who is the Assistant Artistic Director of the Iwa Lewa Heritage Ensemble, told me in her email she is looking for a drop dead gorgeous Afrocentric gown. Now I can do that. We made the appointment and I met Audrey last Saturday to talk about her December 27th, 2009 wedding (which is Kujichagulia Self-determination, read more about Kwanzaa). She is a free vibrant spirit and it brought back memories of African Dance Classes. It would give me a terrific work out and it kept me in shape.

Here is video of Audrey teaching a class in Red Bank, NJ.

In her words:
My visit with Cassandra

Most brides know that aside from a beautiful venue for your sacred event, your dress is the next REALLY BIG decision. It's your personal signature; the ultimate expression of yourself and how you want to be remembered that day. Where will I find such a dress? Who will make it? This is SOOOOOOO IMPORTANT! Who do I trust with such a task?

Well, I did some preliminary research and after a lovely conversation, I arranged my consultation with Cassandra Bromfield. I arrived at her doorstep and was greeted with a hearty hello and a megawatt smile. I knew that I had picked the right sistah immediately!!

What fun we had! I had brought a "show and tell bag" of some of my favorite outfits and flattering styles. I modeled them for her and she really "got me". The look I was going for, my personality, and the "wow factor" that I wanted to bring to my dress. I knew I was in good hands!!

Trying on Cassandra's creations was heavenly!! The fabrics appeal to the eye and feel great on your skin. A I began to fall in love with multiple pieces, I exclaimed, "Cassandra....you gonna get ALL my money!!"

The consultation exceeded my expectations!! Not only did I leave having found the perfect look for my bridal experience, Cassandra managed to stay within the budget AND give me PHENOMENAL tips for my Kwanzaa Wedding!! I mean "out of the box" unique tips that will surely make my wedding all that I want it to be!! Yeah!!

I can't wait for our next meeting!! Cassandra is a BLESSING!!

I can't wait either

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