Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ndebele Bridal Cake Toppers

The beautiful dolls are hand beaded by the South African Ndebele.   Read more about the designers, Sizakele Creations

Swahili African Modern

In Ndebele culture, a young woman cannot marry unless her groom presents her family with labola, a dowrie typically comprised of an agreed-upon number of cattle. On her wedding day, an Ndebele bride wears a beautiful beaded train called an inyoka. Upon her marriage, she wears an elaborate beaded apron and wraps her shoulders in a blanket to signify her status as a married woman. 

Swahili African Modern

The handcrafted Ndebele groom is dressed in modern finery for his wedding day. He has paid his labola, or dowry, and now awaits his beautiful bride.  

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