Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Loose Change

When you were in need of an extra $10 to get into the club, wasn't it your college buddy that handed you a ten spot, then gave you an extra $5 for a drink. Who was it that took you out to dinner with all the trimmings to celebrate the new job and even paid for the cab ride home. And when your car was low on gas, it was the best friend forever that rolled into the gas station jumped out and filled up the tank of your gas guzzler with premium. Every time you have promised to pay her back and she will just wave and say "You would have done the same in reverse".
I found a gift that I think your BFF would love. Pawilli creates a 10" or an 8" clutch in an assortment of fabrics. They begin at $31.00 and Patricia loves custom orders, which means you can order colors that coordinate with your wedding. Get different color and pattern for each friend and slip that ten spot inside for good measure.

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